Grandad has lost his car and Lenny is helping him look for it. But Grandad is acting strange . . . even stranger than normal. And he thinks someone is following them. Lenny has to figure out what’s wrong with Grandad. But that’s just the start of the problem. Because something is following them – and it’s definitely not friendly . . .

Lenny's grandad isn't like other grown-ups. He's just a little bit mad, and sometimes does strange things, like dancing to the news on the radio, or saying he can see out of his nose.

Lenny doesn't mind if Grandad is a bit weird though, because he gets to go on great adventures!

Published by the O'Brien Press, the Mad Grandad books are aimed at younger readers (six years and upwards) who are becoming more confident in their reading.

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The Baby Giant is not a Mad Grandad story, but Grandad thinks you should read it anyway. It's the story of Finn MacCool and his wife Una and a giant, scary bully who come across the sea from Scotland looking for Finn. He's nasty and mean and he won't fight fair. Can Finn and Una think up a plan to stop him?