O'Brien Press Memo
From: The Management
To: All Members of Staff
Subject: The Forbidden Files
You're probably wondering why you arrived this morning to find the police searching your desks.
The safe containing the Forbidden Files was broken into. The Files have been STOLEN.
The stories in these Files were kept locked up and hidden away for a good reason. These stories are too FRIGHTENING, too DISTURBING or just to downright DISGUSTING to be read by children.
The police will want to speak to all of you - please give them your full cooperation. We have to find the Forbidden Files; they must NEVER see the light of day.

A Note From Oisin McGann's Lawyers

Oisín McGann wrote these stories in fits of madness. They were never intended to be published and he takes no responsibility for any abnormal changes to children's characters as a result of reading them.
He also urges you to STAY AWAY from the other Forbidden Files, which means you should not look at the O'Brien Press website here or here either.