Why Would Anyone Read This?

Okay, does the world really need another blog?

If you already know me, you’ll probably think this is coming quite late in the day. You’ll know that I’m rarely short of something to say, but given my interest in publishing in general, children’s publishing in particular and digital publishing as one of my many hobby horses, I should really have done this earlier. These are the reasons I didn’t: Number 1. It’s time-consuming, and I never have enough time as it is. Number 2. There’s no point in doing it if you’re not going to post regularly (see Reason Number 1). Number 3. (And this is the humdinger) We live in a world full of blogs – why would somebody want to read mine?

Answers: You might be interested in my work – perhaps you came here through my website and stumbled across this blog by accident. Or you might be one of those blog connoisseurs who loves the medium for its own sake, in which case, I hope you like what you find here, you weirdo. Or you might be a compulsive web gossiper who just wants a look over my garden hedge.

Or you might be looking for a blog that has a unique combination of features. If you’ve been searching for insights into Oisin McGann’s life and his outlook from within that life; if you want a blog that is fed by an obsession with the art of storytelling and an interest in matters ranging from apples to social justice, from intriguing t-shirts to environmental conservation, from regional slang to children’s publishing, you need look no further. This is your lucky day.

I write and illustrate for an audience, for a living. But this online journal will be entirely for my own amusement and those with a similar outlook. Or . . . well, anyone who wants to read it, really . . .

Now, where do I start?

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